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Kingston Writers Group

Elizabeth Woollatt Reid

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About Elizabeth Woollatt Reid:
Elizabeth is a Kingston Ontario writer, who spent her childhood in northwestern Ontario and has seen much of this vast country by train.
Two of her children's stories and several articles, have been published in a local newspaper. Recently one of her short stories was published in "Tales from the Manchester Arms," ( now available from the Kingston Public Library), published by the Toronto Branch of the Canadian Authors Association. She attends as many of the Authors Association workshops and conferences as she can.
A completed novel based in pioneer times, a favourite era of hers, is out to be reviewed by publishers. A third novel, being written about more modern times, is well under way.
Elizabeth also has short stories and poetry published in the Kingston Writers' Group anthology, "Snapshots".
"The real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking." - Christopher Morely


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