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Kingston Writers Group

Drabble Selections

Drabble Selections
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Snapshots Anthology
Contributing author: Brit Follis
Our Members:
Theresa O'Neil
Colleen Shea Shawongonabe
Rosanne Way
Megan Hotchkiss
Fern Stimson
Vi Putnam
Elizabeth Woollatt Reid
Jorica Perry
Enid Neff Johnston
A Drabble is a little scene or snippet of story that is exactly 100 words in length. Writing Drabbles has provided us with a great deal of enjoyment and also served  on more than one occasion to lure the muse out of hiding. 
All writing posted to this site is copyrighted by the author and may not be copied or transmitted in any way without the express written permission of the author.   

Our Mission

We are a group of writers who meet to offer encouragement, critique, and to talk about writing. We love to write!


Our History

The Kingston Writers Group met for the first time in October of 2003. Long may we write!