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Kingston Writers Group

Theresa O'Neil

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Contributing author: Brit Follis
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Theresa O'Neil
Colleen Shea Shawongonabe
Rosanne Way
Megan Hotchkiss
Fern Stimson
Vi Putnam
Elizabeth Woollatt Reid
Jorica Perry
Enid Neff Johnston

About Theresa O'Neil:
    Theresa is a writer who was first published at the age of seventeen. She has written for the Kingston Whig Standard Community Editorial Board, completed two mystery novels Double Vision and Without Rigor Mortis, and is currently working on a third novel, Someone Came Knocking.
    With a varied work background, she has taught, worked in a library and is currently a Medical Surgical Supply Technician at a local hospital. She writes under the pen name B.J. Lucknow.
Theresa is serving as the current President (2007) of the Kingston Writers Group.


All writing, including excerpts, is copyrighted by the author and may not be reproduced without the author's permission.